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When most people think of investing, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds come to mind. Real Estate IRAs, however, are powerful yet overlooked investment vehicles. With a real estate IRA, you can diversify your portfolio, enjoy greater returns, and reap some tax benefits.

It may be just what you need to meet (or even exceed) your financial goals.

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To make your life easier, Broad Financial created a handy e-book to educate you further on real estate IRAs and their benefits. Here’s what it covers:

  • The basics of self-directed IRAs
  • FAQs about self-directed IRAs and real estate IRAs
  • The ideal self-directed IRA for real estate investing 
  • How to open a real estate IRA

The Broad Financial Difference


Thanks to our sister company, Madison Trust, you can count on us for the creation, support, and custody of your real estate IRA. We offer everything you need to take advantage of this powerful investment strategy.

Impressive Expertise

Our specialists have extensive experience with a variety of asset classes, including real estate IRAs. We can provide you with the education you need to make the most informed decisions for your financial future.

Dedicated Support Team

Once your real estate IRA is set up, our support team will be here to answer any questions you may have about the self-directed investing process. No matter how simple or complex your needs might be, we’re committed to your success.
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