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March 30, 2022

5 Self Directed IRA Myths

As you begin to explore alternatives to standard stocks and bonds, misinformation springs up which can confuse even the savviest investors. We have found that there are five pervasive myths which prevent people from pursuing the most productive investments.

Myth #1 – Self-directed IRAs are confusing and hard to set up.

The Truth – While it’s true that an investor trying to go at it alone would find the process tedious and restrictive, using a dedicated company like Broad Financial streamlines the process and does the work for you. Our retirement consultants will guide you effortlessly through the system and have you quickly investing your money on your terms.

Myth #2 – There’s more than enough choice with a standard IRA.

The Truth – Within the asset class of stocks and bonds, you will have plenty of choices in a standard IRA. But if you want to go “beyond Wall Street” and invest in real estate, tax liens, or a private business, then you’ll find your standard IRA very unaccommodating. To expand your investment reach and put your money where you want to put it, the best choice is a self-directed IRA.

Myth #3 – I will be taxed or penalized if I buy real estate with my IRA.

The Truth – If you simply take out money from your IRA, then you will be penalized. However, if you rollover your existing IRA into a self-directed IRA, not only will you not be penalized, but you’ll find that you have more options than ever before. In essence, the self-directed IRA platform functions just like a standard IRA but with near unlimited choices for investment opportunities.

Myth #4 – Signing up with a self-directed IRA firm will allow them unwanted access to my money.

The Truth – Broad Financial lets your self-directed IRA account truly lives up to its name: self-directed. With the Ultimate IRA you have total and complete control of your account’s financial activity. You choose your bank, and you alone have access to your retirement funds. Broad Financial never handles your money; rather, we function as a service to guide you through the process of setting up an LLC, filling out the appropriate forms, and providing unlimited consulting support to make your set-up legal and hassle free.

Myth #5 – Many people I’ve spoken to have never heard of a self-directed IRA which makes me think that I should stick with what people know.

The Truth – The push for an alternative IRA has only arisen recently as for many years the traditional IRA with its emphasis on stocks and bonds provided enough return to meet retirement goals. However, with the recent troubles on Wall Street and the subsequent downturn of the market, investors have started to look for alternative retirement vehicles. The self-directed IRA is one of numerous platforms which are experiencing a steadily mounting increase in consumer interest.


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