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5 Solo 401(k) Mistakes to Avoid

Your Ultimate Solo 401(k) is a powerful investment tool, but there are some restrictions. Avoid these five common investment mistakes to keep your retirement plans running smoothly. Never apply for a credit card on behalf of your Solo 401k. Credit card companies are always looking for new customers, and often mail credit card applications to […]
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What Alternative Investments Can You Make with Self-Directed Retirement Accounts?

At Broad we empower people to place their retirement funds in investments they understand. However, we don’t offer them specific investment advice. This policy is good for a number of reasons. Chances are you have a special familiarity and knowledge with the investment asset that you’re looking to place in your IRA. You understand it, […]
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Private Loans

The term “personal loan” has a distinctively untrustworthy feel about. You make a personal loan to your brother-in-law of $2,000, and then you never hear from him again. (Some might call that an investment.) However, tweak the term just a little bit and call it a “personal mortgage”, and all of a sudden you have […]
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Private Business

First private, and then public. That’s the dream, right? Your old college roommate is starting a killer new app that’s going to revolutionize the way humanity interacts with the internet and turn the digital revolution on its head. Get in now, and in a few years your stock options will be so overwhelmingly huge, the […]
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Tax Liens

Tax liens Investments Really? That’s a popular investment for Self-Directed investors? Also… what’s a tax lien? Okay, first things first. A tax lien is an investment you make with a local municipality. The way it works is like this: A local municipality (e.g. a town or a city) charges a real estate tax to property […]
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Solo 401(k) - History

The Ultimate Solo 401(k) can trace its history back to 1875 when the American Express Company established America’s first corporate pension plan. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, a government administered – and guaranteed – retirement savings program. In 1939, a predecessor of the modern-day 401(k) Plan, “Section 401a” first appeared in […]
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How Do I Set Up a Self Directed IRA?

Setting up a Self-Directed IRA can be surprisingly simple, and the results give you much greater control over how your retirement funds are invested. Learn how to open a Self-Directed IRA, then contact Broad Financial to get started today!
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The 5 Most Important Self-Directed IRA Rules and Regulations

When you first started driving you had to learn the rules. When you got your first real job, you quickly learned (and sometimes in very imaginative ways) the rules of your new office. When you get a Self-Directed IRA, well… you just have to know the Self-Directed IRA rules. Here’s a quick recap that can […]
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