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Checkbook Solo 401(k)

The perfect retirement plan for entrepreneurs with the power of checkbook control.

Broad’s Checkbook Solo 401(k) lets you maximize your retirement contributions and place those funds in any almost any retirement asset.

Investments That Make Sense

You can invest in real estate, another business, or even take part in a private placement. A Solo 401(k) gives you the freedom to invest your retirement funds in assets that make sense to you.

Grow More by Saving More

A Solo 401(k) helps you grow more by allowing for maximum retirement contributions. Then Broad’s checkbook control supercharges your account by getting rid of transaction fees.

Easy and Simple Process

Investing couldn’t be simpler. After your account is set up, you can invest in any asset just by writing a check or by sending a wire. That’s it! No paperwork or lengthy permissions are necessary.

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How does a Solo 401(k) work?

Broad’s Solo 401(k) provides self-employed individuals with a robust investment account. Account holders can not only invest in almost any asset, but they can do so on their own terms. By using a dedicated checkbook, investors control both the timing and the cost of any transaction.

A Solo 401(k) starts with a specialized Trust account. Broad will extablish this Trust for your retirement account, and then you can use it to open a checking account at the bank of your choice. That’s it! Now you can use your Solo 401(k) checkbook to invest in any asset. Identify what you would like to purchase, write a check or send a wire, and the asset automatically becomes part of your Solo 401(k).

How to Set Up a Checkbook Solo 401(k)

Plan Set Up

We create a customized IRS-approved Solo 401(K) Plan for you.

Trust Set Up

The plan that we create contains a Trust, which appoints you as the sole Trustee of your Solo 401(K) Plan, empowering you to make all investment decisions.

Checking Account

You will open a checking account, in the name of the Trust, at any bank of your choice. This checking account will serve as the self-directed investing platform for placing all investments or loans for your Solo 401(K) Plan.


You will fund your Solo 401(K) by transferring funds from one or more of your existing retirement accounts or plans into your Solo 401(K)’s new checking account, or by making an initial contribution.


You can begin investing your retirement funds directly into all investment classes (traditional and non-traditional) - by simply writing a check or sending a wire.

Solo 401(K) Contribution Limits

Contribution Year



Under 50
50 and Over
Under 50
50 and Over

Contribution Limit


Solo 401(k) - What You Need To Know

How long does it take to set up a Solo 401(k)?

Most Solo401(k) accounts can be set up in less than a week.

What kind of fees are involved?

There is one low flat annual maintenance fee which covers documentation updates and administrative support. However, unlike most self-directed retirement accounts, the Solo 401(k) has no transaction fees. This is because the account holder performs all the transactions themselves with the dedicated checkbook.

Can I open a Solo 401(k) as a Roth 401(k)?


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