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April 26, 2021

Interesting Places For Retirement

Interesting Places For Retirement 

Everybody thinks of retirement a little bit differently. Maybe you envision a beachfront, a café with a good novel, or a trip to the nursery to finally get that bicolor butterfly bush you always wanted. Whatever you see, there will always be a practical question beside it. Where is the best place for me to live that dream? For some finances are the major factor, for others weather, and a select few just really need to know that the café is up to snuff.  

Today we’re going to list a few different retirement options. We’re going to look at affordability, safety, and other factors that may help influence your decision. 

Financial Advisor put together a list of the cheapest states to retire in. They took into account taxes, home prices, and cost of living. Here are the top five: 

  1. Mississippi
  2. Arkansas 
  3. Oklahoma 
  4. West Virginia 
  5. Indiana 

Kiplinger offers an overall retirement ranking for states which incorporates taxes on retirees, cost-of-living, health care costs, state economic health, senior health, and household income. Here are the places that make the top of the list: 

  1. South Dakota 
  2. Hawaii 
  3. Georgia 
  4. North Dakota 
  5. Tennessee 

 For an alternative list using similar data points, check out these rankings from Retirement Living. 

 If your main concern is safety, WalletHub offers those states which have the lowest property-crime rates. They are: 

  1. Massachusetts 
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Idaho 
  4. Maine 
  5. New Jersey 

Have you ever considered retiring beyond the States? Many international destinations offer very affordable living costs, gorgeous scenery, and an English-speaking populace. International Living performs an extensive survey every year and these are the 2021 winners: 

  1. Costa Rica 
  2. Panama 
  3. Mexico 
  4. Colombia 
  5. Portugal 

If you’re still thinking about how to finance your retirement, a Self Directed IRA can play an important role. No matter where you dream of in the years to come, our Specialists can help get you there. Give Broad a call today and ask your questions. 


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