Discover Which Self Directed IRA is Best for You
IRA LLC or IRA Trust

Broad Financial offers different types of Self Directed IRAs. Find out which plan is best to achieve your retirement goals.

Which Self Directed IRA is Best for You?


An IRA LLC allows you to purchase assets quickly without any transaction fees. It also offers multi-member investing and superior liability protection.


IRA Trust

An IRA Trust offers the fastest turn-around time for account setup and placing your investment. You also get $0 transaction fees, $0 state fees, and more privacy. 


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Advantages of a Self Directed IRA Trust


An IRA Trust does not have to pay the (often hefty) annual fees associated with an LLC. It is easier to set-up, which means a lower establishment fee. Additionally, it doesn't have to pay the annual franchise tax that some state impose on LLCs.


If you're looking to jump into a specific investment (or you just prefer not to wait around), the IRA Trust can be established in 4 business days. The typical IRA LLC takes 2-3 weeks.

Less Regulation

An IRA LLC has state reporting obligations and needs to set up a foreign agent when doing business in a different state. A Self Directed IRA Trust has no state reporting requirements.


Since an IRA Trust does not file with the State, there is no public record of the account holder or other pertinent details. With an IRA LLC, the account holder files Articles of Organization which subsequently become public record.

Open an IRA Trust with Broad in 4 Simple Steps



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Transfer or Rollover your funds from an IRA or 401(k).



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No Transaction 

Broad's IRA LLC and IRA Trust allows you to invest without asset-based fees. This means more money in your pocket to invest and save!

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