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February 13, 2022

Mark Richardson: Crypto Success Story

Would you rather make some money from your investment, or make more money from your investment?

Of course, the choice is quite obvious for any rational person. Unfortunately, accomplishing the second option isn’t the easiest task for many investors. For Mark Richardson, the subject of this Success Story, discovering Broad Financial was all he needed to do.

“Finding (Broad Financial earlier) would have saved me many thousands of dollars,” Mark lambasted. However, he speaks with a smile that indicates he is still clearly thoroughly satisfied with his current situation.

As we have covered at length in the past, many Self-Directed IRA companies’ fee schedules prevent investors from maximizing their profits. As your assets grow in value, your monthly fee with those companies often grows with it.

Broad Financial, on the other hand, offers a flat-rate quarterly fee that remains the same no matter how successful your investments are. That’s why, compared to others, a Broad Financial Self-Directed IRA account allows for you to come away with more of your own money.

When Mark Richardson realized this, the decision to sign up could not have been simpler.

“(My previous custodian) was taking a little bit of my crypto every month for the monthly services fees, so finding Broad Financial was just great…although I wish I had found it originally because I would be that much farther ahead,” Mark said with another sheepish grin.

In addition to preferring Broad Financial’s reasonable fees over his previous custodian’s, Mark also found he enjoyed the freedom that our Self-Directed IRA with Checkbook Control offered. Crypto investing naturally calls for a high volume of transactions, which made our Checkbook IRA a perfect fit for Mark’s investing needs.

“I’m more in control of my money now, and I’m making better decisions. I’m not paying a very exorbitant amount in fees for someone else to manage my retirement account,” Mark said. “If I wanted to do a buy or sell (with my previous custodian), it would take like 3 days! Whereas now I can go in on the spot and make those changes.”

Now, Mark is a competent and experienced investor, so his ability to fully take the reigns of his retirement account was fortunately accompanied by little to no adversity or confusion. When he did feel like he needed some assistance, however, Broad Financial was a quick and easy phone call away.

“My account was easy to set up, and the help I found was really great. The instructions were just wonderful. It’s like, ‘here’s all that you need to do,’ it didn’t take me much time, I went down to the bank the next day, and I was all set up.”

Even if your experience during the set-up process is not as smooth as Mark’s, Broad Financial prides itself on its exceptional customer service, which countless customers have attested to. A live member of our support staff is always on hand ready to help with any question or concern you may have.

As for Mark, though, he couldn’t be more pleased with the benefits he’s seeing from using his Self-Directed IRA with Checkbook Control in order to gain a tax advantage with his investments.

“It’s given me a way to have something that’s not heavily taxed, and the crypto market can make things very complicated tax-wise. My Broad account is very uncomplicated, whereas my regular crypto account is very complicated. This is a lot easier to me, to go the self-directed route.”

Mark’s success in discovering an account that worked best with his investing needs is not an anomaly. Many of Broad Financial’s customers were previously with another custodian before realizing they were getting a raw deal. The fees were too high, especially given their lack of autonomy, and their custodian’s customer service was consistently underwhelming or downright frustrating.

Broad Financial strives to be exemplary in all those areas and more. If you don’t believe me telling you here, or the numerous written reviews you can find online, perhaps Mark’s story can serve as a template for how your self-directed experience should be — and could be at Broad Financial.


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