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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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March 24, 2022

My Experience Buying Bitcoin in an IRA

One of our most successful "marketing campaigns" is one we never paid for or even did. It's a post by a client on Reddit.

This client, whose name we don't even know (he uses an alias on Reddit), compared us, Broad Financial, to Bitcoin IRA. He goes into detail about each side and concludes that the Broad Financial plan is vastly superior. For instance, whereas they charge 10-15% asset-based fees we charge a flat rate fee. Whereas they offer only limited coins our plan allows you to invest in any crypto. Whereas they hold the key we allow you to hold the key. And so forth.

You can read the article here:

My experience buying bitcoin in an IRA

If you see the author, tell him thank you on our behalf. 🙂

Advantages of Broad Financial's "Bitcoin IRA"

In general, Broad Financial’s “Ultimate Bitcoin IRA” boasts these unique features:

  • Unlimited choice of coins: you choose from any or all of the world’s cryptocurrencies
  • Unlimited security options: you hold the keys, you choose any wallet
  • Unlimited exchanges: you choose the exchange(s)
  • Unlimited transactions: you invest in cryptos as you normally would, but now tax-sheltered inside an IRA (or 401k)
  • Low flat-rate setup fee and low flat-rate maintenance fee
  • Invest not only in cryptocurrencies but in real estate and all “alternative investments” (everything but collectibles and life insurance).


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