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Real Estate 401k

Take advantage of our premium investment tools to create your own retirement prosperity.

  • Checkbook Control: Place investments by simply signing a check. No need to wait for lengthy transfer procedures.
  • Investment Authority: You make all the investment decisions. Decide with your checkbook what to invest in, who to invest with, and when to place the investment.
  • No Fee Transactions: With a Self Directed Real Estate 401k you will eliminate all of the common fees associated with retirement plans. There are no asset based fees, which means that you can keep more of your retirement money where it belongs: namely, in your retirement plan. Additionally, there are no transaction fees which means that your plan will not be charged no matter how many transactions it performs.
  • Financial Control: With a Self Directed Real Estate 401k as your real estate vehicle, you will have the ability to stay on top on your properties and maintain all financial control. Never again will you have to rely on a custodian to pay pressing bills or make timely deposits.
  • The Process: If a self-employed individual wants to purchase real estate with his/her retirement funds, how do they start the process?
    • Call one of our specialists to make sure that the Self Directed Real Estate 401k is a good fit for your specific investing needs.
    • If the product is right for you, our specialist will email you a packet containing a few simple forms.
    • After we get your information, Broad will then take care of all the necessary paperwork. The next thing you’ll be doing is opening a checking account for your Self Directed Real Estate 401k at the bank of your choice.
    • Start your real estate investing by simply writing a check.

Don’t forget!

Our dedicated team will be there with you every step of the way.

The Self Directed Real Estate 401k comes with many other benefits in addition to its real estate prowess.

True Diversification: If other investment opportunities arise, the power of checkbook control will allow you to capitalize on those opportunities as you see fit.

$50,000 Loan: With your Real Estate 401k you can take out a loan of up to $50,000 and use it for any reason whatsoever.

Rollover Flexibility: You can rollover funds into your Real Estate 401k from a previously existing plan like a standard IRA, 401k, SEP IRA, or Keogh. You can also begin by just making an initial contribution.

Contribution Freedom: Like all self-directed 401ks, the Self Directed Real Estate 401k allows annual contributions up to $67,500, and double that if your spouse is your business partner. (Of course, it’s all tax deductible!)

Call us today at 800-395-5200 and find out why your next investment move is… freedom!

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