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Real Estate IRA

Are you ready to access the full spectrum of real estate?

With your Real Estate IRA you can invest in almost every available real estate product. Produce a steady return by investing in rental properties, play the market by purchasing a strategic retirement home, or strike it big by attaining a foreclosure at auction. The Ultimate Real Estate IRA gives you the investment freedom you need to pursue the most profitable real estate deals.

Is it hard to set up a Real Estate IRA?

Broad Financial has streamlined the self-directed process, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy it can be. With a few short steps, you’ll be sitting in the driver’s seat for real estate investing.
  1. Start by calling one of our specialists. Ask any questions you may have, and get help deciding if a Real Estate IRA is the best choice for your retirement funds.
  2. If a Real Estate IRA fits your needs, the specialist will email you a few simple forms in two batches.
  3. After we process your forms, you’ll be able to open a checking account for your Real Estate IRA at the bank of your choice.
  4. Start buying real estate!

Benefits of the Self-Directed Platform

The Ultimate Real Estate IRA is in essence a self-directed retirement account. This gives you a tremendous advantage over the standard IRA.
  • With a self-directed IRA, your investment choice spans the spectrum, and you can make purchases in virtually any asset class. Crypto, private equity, and even stocks and bonds are all on the table.
  • The self-directed platform allows you to make the investment instantaneously just by writing a check.
  • With no autocratic oversight from a holding company, you’ll be able to invest in whatever you want in a timely manner. Say goodbye to waiting out a hassle-filled permission process.

Are you ready to invest with power?

Broad Financial’s self-directed platform gives you two powerful tools which enable your retirement account to achieve real estate success.

The Power of the LLC

By using the platform of a Limited Liability Corporation, you have total control over your retirement funds. This means that all of the investment decisions are in your hands. You won’t have to go through the bureaucracy of a holding institution, and you’ll be able to pursue investments as you see fit.

The Power of Checkbook Control

In the real estate field, opportunities arise quickly, and in order to capitalize on those opportunities, you have to move quickly as well. The Checkbook Control feature allows you to finalize deals with the simple signing of a check. You’ll never miss the perfect opportunity again!
Call us today at 800.395.5200 and find out why your next investment move is… freedom!

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