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The simple way to invest in alternatives with checkbook control & liability protection.

A Self Directed IRA LLC with checkbook control is an amazing tool to invest in real estate and other alternative assets. Invest in real time without paperwork or transaction fees.

Checkbook Control

The investment process is easy and hassle-free. Purchase an asset by simply sending a check or wire from your dedicated checking account and the asset automatically belongs to your IRA.

Maximum Wealth for Retirement

An IRA LLC works with a dedicated checking account and performs transactions just by writing a check or sending a wire. This allows you to avoid the expensive transaction fees that are normally associated with Self Directed IRAs.

Liability Protection

The LLC provides asset protection that safeguards the IRA, IRA owner, and IRA custodian from liabilities that may arise on investments owned by the IRA LLC. This additional layer of liability protection is not found in a standard IRA. 

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How To Set Up a Self Directed IRA LLC?

Open an IRA Account

Complete Broad Financial's easy online application. Simultaneously, open a new Self Directed IRA with our sister company, Madison Trust. Madison Trust serves as your IRA Custodian and Broad Financial upgrades you to the IRA LLC. 

Fund Your Account

Transfer or Rollover your funds from a previous retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k). The account can also be funded with an initial Contribution.

Establish an IRA LLC

Broad Financial will create a specialized, IRS-compliant LLC for your IRA and take care of the paperwork. You will create a designated IRA LLC checking account at the bank of your choice and move funds into this new account. 

Invest in Alternatives

Start investing with the power of checkbook control by simply writing a check or sending a wire from your new LLC checking account. Since the specialized LLC is owned by your IRA, all of the assets purchased are part of your tax-advantaged retirement account.

Self Directed IRA LLC - FAQs

How long does it take to set up an IRA LLC?

From start to finish, most IRA LLC accounts can be set up in 1 – 2 weeks.

What kinds of investments benefit from an IRA LLC?

Investments that involve multiple transactions - like rental properties - benefit from the real-time ability and zero transaction fees of an IRA LLC.

Can I open an IRA LLC as a Roth IRA?


Can an IRA LLC invest in a foreign property?

Yes. The IRA LLC is the best platform for self-directed foreign investments.

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