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Opening a Self-Directed IRA Trust

An IRA Trust is the perfect account to invest in alternatives with checkbook control & confidential investing.

What is an IRA Trust?

An IRA Trust is a Self-Directed IRA with checkbook control capability to invest in assets beyond Wall Street. Get started with your own Self-Directed IRA Trust in as little as one to two weeks and avoid annual LLC state fees!

Benefits of an IRA Trust

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Full Checkbook Control

Invest in real estate and other assets by writing a check or sending a wire.

Transactions happen in real time and do not require custodian paperwork.

Swap assets in your account at any time.

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The Economic Advantage

Checkbook control eliminates transaction fees.

Trusts are not registered by the state so they avoid annual LLC state fees.

An IRA Trust is easier, quicker, and more economical to set up than an IRA LLC.

Icon investor entering money into a secure safe to display confidential investing ability of an IRA Trust


An IRA Trust has no state reporting requirements.

LLC Articles of Organization are not required, which means no public records.

Generally, you can invest in any of the 50 states without any additional filing requests.

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What Can an IRA Trust Invest In? 

An IRA in a trust is ideal for any investment that can benefit from checkbook control. This includes alternative assets like real estate that require consistent management, as there are no transaction fees, with the added benefit of no additional custodian paperwork.

With an IRA Trust, you can invest in:

Real estate (rental properties, single-family homes, multi-family condos, and apartments, commercial property, improved and unimproved land, private REITs, real estate syndications, farmland, timberland, and more!)
Tax Liens and Deeds
Private Lending Options (mortgages and other loans)
Private Equity, Private Stock, and Private Businesses
Crowdfunding and Startups
Hedge Funds
LLCs and LLPs
Many other investment options are also available!

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How To Set Up a Self-Directed IRA Trust

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Open and Fund a New Self-Directed IRA

Choosing the best Self-Directed IRA Trust company is the most important part of setting up your new account. Fill out Broad Financial’s simple online application. At the same time, open a Self-Directed IRA at Madison Trust, our sister company. Madison Trust is your IRA custodian and Broad Financial upgrades you to an IRA Trust.

Next, fund your account through a transfer or rollover from an existing retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k), or make an initial contribution.

Icon smart phone and tablet establishing a Trust

Establish a Trust for Your IRA

Broad Financial creates a specialized, IRS-compliant trust for your IRA and uses Madison Trust's EIN (employer identification number). This ensures that you won't need to file a tax return for your trust. The trust is established according to all Self-Directed IRA rules and regulations. You can then appoint yourself as the non-compensated IRA trustee for that trust, giving you total control of your retirement investing.
Icon investor holding money and increasing graphs in the back showing that he opened and funded his IRA LLC checking account

Open and Fund a 
Trust Checking Account 

At the bank of your choice, establish a designated checking account in the name of the trust to upgrade your IRA Trust to the power of checkbook control. Then, instruct Madison Trust to send funds directly to the IRA Trust checking account. This is the only transaction you must direct the IRA custodian to place (until you withdraw or distribute funds from your IRA itself).
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Invest in the Asset of Your Choice

To invest with the power of checkbook control, simply write a check or send a wire from your new trust checking account. As the specialized trust is IRA-owned, all of the assets are automatically part of your tax-advantaged retirement account.

When Is It Best to Open an IRA LLC Over an IRA Trust?

The two times when an investor may opt for an IRA LLC over an IRA Trust are for multi-member capability or foreign assets. However, in most cases, the IRA Trust is faster and more economical while still providing the same robust checkbook control.

Investor with a laptop, calculator, and notebook deciding if he should invest with an IRA LLC or an IRA Trust
What is the difference between an IRA LLC and IRA Trust? Infographic based on account features such as cost, regulation, and confidentiality.

Self-Directed IRA Trust - FAQs

How long does it take to set up an IRA Trust?

How long it takes to set up an IRA Trust depends on the speed at which your current custodian/banking institution processes the transfer request. Typically, an IRA Trust can be set up in one to two weeks. Since an IRA Trust is not required to file with the state, the process is typically faster than establishing an IRA LLC.

Can I open an IRA Trust as a Roth IRA? 

Yes; you can open your trust as a Self-Directed Roth IRA Trust. If you prefer to pay your taxes up front, then a Roth IRA is the choice for you. Depending on your investment strategy and tax preference, you may also choose to open a Traditional, SIMPLE, SEP, Inherited Roth, or Inherited Traditional Self-Directed IRA.

Is it difficult to open an IRA Trust? 

It is not difficult to open an IRA Trust. Broad Financial will facilitate the process, while account applicants are only required to fill out a few simple forms and open the IRA Trust checking account at any bank they choose.

What account is more economical: an IRA LLC or an IRA Trust? 

Both IRA LLCs and IRA Trusts benefit by having the checkbook control ability to make fee-free transactions. However, with an IRA Trust, you save on several LLC-associated fees. An IRA Trust does not have to pay the (often hefty) annual LLC state fees or pay the annual franchise tax that some states impose on LLCs. An IRA Trust is also simpler to set up, resulting in a lower establishment fee.

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