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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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The Broad Self Directed IRA

A classic custodial account that provides fast and economic setup.

Broad’s Self Directed IRA allows investors to get started quickly and place their retirement funds in virtually any asset.

Purchase Any Asset

Go beyond the market by investing in property, start-ups, or other alternative assets. You can research your own investments and place funds in those that have the most potential.

No Asset-based Fees

Unlike other custodial accounts, Broad does not charge any asset-based fees. Instead this account works with a low flat annual fee and applicable transaction fees. This structures insures that you will never pay more for being successful.

Guidance at Every Step

Investing with a classic Self Directed IRA is simple. Decide on an asset and then instruct the custodian to make the purchase. Along the way you’ll receive the industry leading client support that Broad is known for.

Is a classic Self Directed IRA the right kind of account for your investing strategy? Get a complimentary evaluation from a Broad specialist.

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How does a custodial Self Directed IRA work?

A custodial Self Directed IRA works just like a standard retirement account. The only difference is that instead of investing in stocks or mutual funds, your account will be investing in the assets of your choice. An example of a popular self-directed asset is an income producing rental unit. Your Self Directed IRA account is specialized to be able to purchase these types of assets.

The process for investing is simple. Once your account is set up, you can identify which assets you would like to purchase. Having done so, you will then fill out the appropriate form which informs the custodian about the transaction. The custodian will execute the transaction and the asset will become part of your IRA.

The Custodial Self Directed IRA - What You Need To Know

How long does it take to set up a Self Directed IRA?

The account itself can be setup in under 15 minutes. Funding the account will depend on your current instituion’s time frame for a rollover. Once the account is funded, you can begin investing immediately.

What kinds of assets work best in a custodial account?

Assets that do not require too many transactions. A good example of a low-transaction asset is a private placement. Once you have invested the funds, you are not required to do anything else.

Can I open a custodial Self Directed IRA as a Roth IRA?


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