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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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August 30, 2019

The Value of Transparency in a Bitcoin IRA Custodian

*Updated January 17, 2020: We here at Broad Financial are getting many calls from dissatisfied BitcoinIRA, BitGo, and Kingdom Trust clients who are stuck in the middle of the below legal battle between the two companies. Call us today at (800) 395-5200 to get squared away with a Checkbook IRA for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investing and avoid these hassles.*

The ongoing battle between Kingdom Trust and BitcoinIRA, which recently went to court, is calling the issue of transparency into question.

When investing in bitcoin with your retirement funds, perhaps nothing is more important than complete transparency between you and your custodian. Ideally, you should be made aware of every detail regarding who is holding your assets, how their procedures work, and how much their services will cost you.

Every. Detail.

If your custodian is, for example, engaged in a public dispute and lawsuit with its former partner as each side alleges acts of misleading and ill-intention against the other, then achieving full transparency will be quite difficult. When too much with your custodian is going on behind closed doors, it becomes harder and harder to trust that your money and investments are in the right hands.

Allegations of inappropriate business practices should be taken into strong consideration. For investors, a lack of transparency will often translate to a loss of money.

At Broad Financial, our low, flat-rate fees assure you that there is absolutely nothing that you don't see coming. After paying the flat-rate set-up fee, there is only a quarterly flat-rate fee to the custodian, our sister company Madison Trust. Unlike others, no matter how many assets you are investing in (and how much those assets are worth), your fees will always remain fixed. With us, everyone involved is on the same page.

Need further proof? Simply check out our customers' reviews at a number of places around the Internet, including Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Shopper Approved. We encourage all interested investors to perform their due diligence and see for themselves how our reasonable, easy-to-understand fee schedule and unparalleled customer support stacks up against the competition.

Your bitcoin investments in a Self-Directed IRA are too valuable to leave in untrustworthy hands. Aside from a flat-rate fee and a live, knowledgeable customer support staff, Broad Financial puts the investing power in your hands with the Self-Directed IRA with Checkbook Control. By creating an IRA LLC in your name, we allow you to write the checks and execute all the transactions necessary for your investment. With our plan, you decide exactly where your money is going.

Above all else, Broad Financial prides itself on its transparency. Starting with your first point of contact with us, we provide you with every detail you need to know in order to feel secure in proceeding with your self-directed investments. Every part of the process, pre-and post-sign-up, is readily available for you either on our website or with a simple phone conversation.

Transparency, and your comfort and confidence in us that comes with it, is a phone call away. We look forward to hearing from you.


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