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Types of Self-Directed IRAs

With the ability to invest in assets beyond public stocks and bonds, a Self-Directed IRA lets you put your unique knowledge and experience to work for your retirement portfolio. Gain control of your account and diversify your investments with a much wider variety of venture options, while still having the support of a registered custodian. The Self-Directed IRA type of investment you want to make is up to you. 

Self-Directed IRAs are often called "alternative IRAs" because they offer so many alternative investment options. With so many Self-Directed IRA investments to choose from, you can easily design a Self-Directed IRA that aligns with your area of financial interest and experience. Here are a few of the most popular Ultimate Self-Directed IRA options from Broad Financial.

The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA

Broad Financial's Ultimate Self-Directed IRA offers a very flexible, powerful retirement platform.  Enjoy the widest range of alternative Self-Directed IRA investment options available and the freedom and security of checkbook control. If you are a U.S taxpayer, you qualify for a Self-Directed IRA, and if you like the idea of directing your own retirement investments, you are the perfect candidate for Broad Financial's Ultimate Self-Directed IRA.

You can hold many different combinations of alternative assets in the Ultimate Self-Directed IRA, but some investors like to use the platform to focus on specific investments. The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA is available as a SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Traditional IRA, or Roth IRA.

The Ultimate Real Estate IRA

Have you always been interested in real estate investing, but didn't know where to get the capital to start? Or are you a seasoned real estate professional who wants to put your experience to work in growing your IRA?

The Ultimate Real Estate IRA allows you to invest in privately owned real estate like rental properties, a vacation home in a popular market, or deals like foreclosed homes at auction prices. You can also use this Self-Directed IRA to invest with partners or in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

The Ultimate Roth IRA

Roth IRAs are an excellent investment tool. Guesswork about the final value of the account is eliminated because you have already paid taxes on your contributions.  A Self-Directed IRA can be opened as a Roth IRA and your existing Roth IRA can easily be rolled over into the Broad Financial Ultimate Self-Directed Roth IRA.

The Ultimate SEP IRA

There are numerous benefits to being self-employed. With the Ultimate SEP IRA, you can use the skills you have acquired running your own business to run your retirement investing as well.

The Ultimate Checkbook IRA

There are two types of Self-Directed IRAs: a custodian model and a checkbook model. The checkbook type of IRA uses a feature called checkbook control to allow you to invest in your retirement account by simply writing a check. Unlike other types of Self-Directed IRAs, this option allows you to make investments with no paperwork, no waiting, and no custodian fees involved. The term "Checkbook IRA" is just another name for a Self-Directed IRA with the added benefit of checkbook control.

Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA

The Ultimate Self-Directed IRA provides the type of control and diversification that a lot of investors have been waiting for.

  • Build on your own expertise. The Self-Directed IRA types of assets available to invest in are far more varied than with a standard IRA. Private businesses, real estate, promissory notes, and much more are all viable alternative assets with a Self-Directed IRA.
  • Invest quickly and easily. The checkbook control type of IRA allows you to make investments without lengthy paperwork or authorization. You can invest in the Self-Directed IRA investment types of your choosing by simply writing a check or sending a wire.
  • Secure your own retirement. A Self-Directed Checkbook IRA gives you the ability to place your funds in any bank you wish without having to worry about someone else accessing your account.
  • Stop unnecessary fees. A Self-Directed IRA with checkbook control makes it possible to send payments directly from your checking account, which helps you avoid unnecessary and often costly custodian fees.If you’re ready to take charge of your retirement, maximize your own wealth, and go beyond Wall Street, call Broad Financial to start your Ultimate Self-Directed IRA today.

Where are Your Retirement Funds?

If you are interested in truly driving your retirement investing, Self-Directed IRA options may be the dynamic, flexible solution. Contact Broad Financial at (866) 479-1716 today or schedule a call for a free consultation. Together, we can collaborate on a plan to help you arrive at your ideal financial destination.

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