Speak with a Broad specialist:
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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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August 12, 2019

Welcome to Broad Financial

Thank you for reaching out to learn about Self-Directed IRAs. My name is Jeff Astor and I am a Senior Account Specialist at Broad Financial as well as the author of The Self Directed IRA Guide. I have the experience and background to direct you to the best plan for your investment. Schedule a call with me to discuss your Self-Directed IRA options.

Broad Financial’s Bitcoin IRA is fundametally different than others because it’s a checkbook plan, not a custodial plan. This means that our fees are flat- no asset based fees and no transaction fees! We have no minimum and you can buy any cryptocurrency! The reson for this is that Broad Financial is not a broker; we’re not holding your money. Broad Financial simply creates a legal vehicle for you to invest your IRA money in an exchange (or exchanges) of your choice. Broad Financial’s “Ultimate Bitcoin IRA” boasts these unique features:

  • Unlimited choice of coins: you choose from any of the world’s cryptocurrencies
  • Unlimited security options: you hold the keys; you choose any wallet
  • Unlimited Exchanges: you choose the exchange(s)
  • Tax Advantaged account: you buy and sell cyrptos as you normally would but now tax shelted inside an IRA
  • Low flat-rate setup fee and low flat-rate maintenance fee (the “competition” charges asset-based fees for setup and maintenance!)
  • Invest not only in cryptocurrencies but in real estate and all “alternative investments” (everything but collectibles and life insurance).

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Benefits of our Self-Directed IRA

  • Invest your retirement funds into a wide variety of asset classes including real estate, cryptocurrencies, private loans, precious metals, small businesses, and more.
  • Place all investments by simply writing a check.
  • No transaction or asset based fees.
  • Transfer all or a portion of your existing retirement funds into your Self Directed IRA/401k.
  • Act quickly on time sensitive invesetments with real time access to your retirement funds (avoid lengthy custodian processing times).

Hundreds of testimonials online- Nobody does it better!

Nobody’s customer service record compares to ours. Check out these links.


  • Within weeks you will be able to place your investments by writing a check from your IRA LLC checking account.
  • If you are in a rush, the process can be expedited upon request.

In short… Why Broad Financial?

Even more than a great plan, a great company is probably the most important consideration when opening a Self-Directed IRA. If you get bad advice or no customer support then you risk penalties and losing the tax sheltered status of your hard earned retirement funds. A reliable company with a proven track record is not a luxury- it is a necessity.


  • $1,295* LLC Setup fee (*price varies by state)
  • $100 One-time Custodial Setup Fee
  • $105 Quarterly fee
  • LLC formation with Secretary of State
  • Specialized Operating Agreement prepared by ERISA attorneys
  • LLC Employer Identification Number
  • Free life-time customer support


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