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Welcome to the Ultimate IRA Trust

Thanks for your inquiry looking for information about our self-directed IRA. If it is not too much, please confirm that you received this.
Below is a great summary and attached are supporting attachments to review The Ultimate IRA Trust®.
Can I ask what you are looking to invest in? Either way, feel free to set up a call. Looking forward.

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Benefits of our Self-Directed IRA

  • A self-directed plan is a hedge against uncertainty through true diversification
  • Invest your retirement funds into all investment classes (real estate, cryptocurrencies, private loans, etc.)
  • Open a checking account for your Ultimate IRA® at any bank of your choosing
  • Place all investments by simply writing a check
  • Transfer/ roll-over your existing retirement funds into your Ultimate IRA®’s checking account
  • No transaction or asset-based fees
  • Roth or Traditional


  •  $1,195 Our one-time fee includes helping you set-up a new self-directed IRA, forming the Trust, preparing all documents and providing continued support. This can be paid upfront (and is tax deductible) or you can pay $495 upfront and pay the balance from your IRA once it is set-up.
  • Custodial Fees- Madison Trust Company

o   $100 - one-time fee which includes setting up the new IRA and funding your Trust

$420  - annually (paid $105/quarter), covers the annual IRS 5498 report (fixed fee - regardless of your account size, or the number of transactions you place within your IRA Trust. 


  • Within weeks you will be able to start investing your retirement funds into the investments you desire with the funds in your IRA LLC checking account – simply & safely.
  • If you are in a rush, please let us know as this process can be expedited.

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