Grow Your Retirement Savings By  
Investing In What You Believe In 

Broad's Self Directed Checkbook IRA and Solo 401 (k) give you the power to invest in real estate, cryptocurrency, startups, and more!

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Why Invest with Broad's Self Directed 
Checkbook IRA or Solo 401(k)?

Broad is a leader in the self-directed retirement industry, with thousands of clients in all 50 states. Our powerful retirement accounts allow you to invest beyond Wall Street, receive tax benefits, and achieve your investment goals.

Streamlined Transactions

Invest in real-time with direct access to your IRA funds. You control all investment transactions. 


Watch your investments grow, not your fees. Avoid both asset-based and transaction fees. 


Go beyond the stock market by investing in real estate, cryptocurrency, and more. Diversify your portfolio with confidence.  

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Do You Have Questions?

A Broad IRA Specialist will answer all of your questions about a Self Directed Checkbook IRA and Solo 401(k). 

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