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Our Bitcoin IRA Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some reviews from our clients who have invested in Bitcoin with Broad Financial’s Checkbook IRA LLC:

A Bitcoin IRA review from Mark Richardson, a Broad Financial client since 2016:
Mark Richardson is a prime example of a pattern we’ve noticed with our customers: Our plan always saves people money in fees over the long haul. After set-up, the IRA LLC with Checkbook Control has a flat-rate quarterly fee. As a result, Mark can enjoy more of the profits he is earning from his crypto investments.

"Finding Broad earlier would have saved me many thousands of dollars, because not only was there an upfront fee (with the other company) that was between 10 and 20%, there was also a monthly fee. So it was very expensive and I couldn’t go in and buy and sell either which was very restrictive. They took a little of my crypto every month for their monthly service fee. Finding Broad Financial was great because, even though I wish I found it originally, it was easy to set up, the help I found was really great, and I could be more self-directed."

– Mark: Client since 2016

"Very pleased with them. I worked with Noah to set up a Solo 401(k) to enable investing a portion of my retirement savings in Bitcoin and related “cryptocurrencies”. This is a fairly esoteric thing to do and until I found Broad I didn’t even know it was possible. They made the paperwork and processes as simple as could be, and explained my options and everything we were setting up clearly. I thought the fee was very reasonable for setting up such an unusual and useful structure. Thumbs up."

– Jacob: Client since 2017

"Couldn’t be more pleased. Broad Financial helped me through what I thought was going to be a very difficult process very easily. My friends kept discussing investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and I had a 401(k) from a previous employer. Broad Financial helped me get set up, recommended an exchange and bank for my LLC’s checking account, and did most of the heavy lifting. I was then able to purchase the Bitcoin myself! I’m now a HODLer thanks to Broad Financial!"

– Ronald: Client since 2018

“I made the decision to set up the Self Directed IRA – 401K plan through Broad Financial so that I could trade cryptocurrencies in a retirement account. Noah G*****, and everyone else I talked to at the firm, were very patient and helpful with walking me through the steps of the process. It is a little bit of a learning curve setting up accounts with a trust name, but whatever help you need, you will get with this group. I highly recommend them.”

– Carol D: Client since 2017

For a review of Broad Financial’s Bitcoin IRA on a different medium, we would recommend this post on Reddit, entitled "My experience buying bitcoin in an IRA," or you can watch the video here:

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