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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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December 19, 2019

Checkbook Solo 401(k) Success with BF Client Terry O'Malley

Becoming a thriving Checkbook Solo 401(k) investor does not require years of expertise on the subject. When you find the right company that provides the proper support as you learn, finding success in your self-directed endeavors can come quite easily.

Just ask Broad Financial client Terry O’Malley.

A B2B salesman, Terry was not familiar with the concept of a Self-Directed IRA whatsoever until he stumbled across it as he was searching for a way to fund the acquisition of a rental property. He was having a great deal of trouble finding a reasonable source of loan funding, which led him to discover how the power of the Checkbook Solo 401(k) could solve all his problems.

Once he confirmed that he was eligible for the Solo 401(k), Terry proceeded with Broad Financial after a thorough Internet search led him to our product. Upon calling us, Terry was thrilled to receive all the assistance he could ask for.

“I had a ton of questions for the team at Broad, but mostly my conversations with Noah [Grodko, BF sales associate]. He always had the backing of somebody if the question was maybe a little more complex,” Terry said.

After his initial conversations with Noah, Terry was also pleasantly surprised with the e

“I was really pleased with the advice I got, and [the onboarding process] has been pretty painless. The package that I got was crystal clear…you just basically follow it, it’s kind of like a recipe.”

As a result of the ease in which he was brought up to speed, Terry was able to immediately acquire a property that was completely renovated which would fetch him a nice profit. The Checkbook Solo 401(k) enabled him to tap into 401(k) funds he previously thought were unusable for real estate.

Terry’s great experience setting up his Checkbook Solo 401(k) has led him to come up with 2 key pieces of advice for other investors interested in going the self-directed route.

“I would pass along your company’s information because I had a very good experience, and I would discuss the tax implications [of the Solo 401(k)] with someone you already know.”

Terry went on to elaborate, saying that consulting with a financial professional with whom you already have a relationship is an ideal way to validate all the great things you read and hear about the Solo 401(k). Receiving confirmation from someone you trust is arguably more valuable than anything you can find on the Internet.

“Not only did [my accountant] validate the information that Broad was providing me, but he also advised me that what I was doing was adding something interesting to my portfolio and he supported the concept.”

Broad Financial’s Checkbook Solo 401(k): Accountant Approved.

Just like Terry, a hassle-free and potentially prosperous experience setting up a Checkbook Solo 401(k) awaits you at this very moment. With the deadline to contribute funds to a 401(k) in 2020 on April 15 (extension available if applicable), “now” is the best time to schedule a call with us or visit broadfinancial.com to learn how you can benefit from a Solo 401(k) of your own.


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