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June 22, 2023

Are You Planning for the Longest Vacation of Your Life?

Did you know that planning for retirement is similar to planning for a vacation?

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to be as prepared as possible to achieve the retirement (or vacation) of your dreams.

1. Research Where You Want to Go

Where do you plan on spending your vacation? A relaxing week at the beach or maybe an adventurous trip to the Grand Canyon?

Like planning your dream vacation, you should think about where you’d like to spend your retirement years.

It’s important to begin with the end in mind by setting your financial goals and calculating anticipated expenses to see if you can cover all costs you feel would come with your retirement.

2. Create Your Itinerary

The next step in planning a vacation is to figure out exactly how you would like to spend your time by creating an itinerary.

Working with a financial advisor on an investment strategy can act as your “itinerary” for your retirement investing. Together you can make decisions such as what types of assets you will invest in and what type of account is best suited to hold these investments.

3. Book Your Trip

Then, with your destination and itinerary in place, you’re ready to book your trip!

Similarly, after you have established an investment strategy and decided what assets to invest in, you are now ready to create your retirement account!

It’s important to research and choose a company that fits your investing needs. At Broad Financial, we provide a streamlined process, a flat fees schedule, and the best customer service in the industry.

Additionally, if your strategy calls for investing in real-time outside of Wall Street to achieve true diversification, you can work with Broad Financial to open a Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.

4. Pack and Prepare

Now that you have selected a location, planned activities, and booked your tickets, it is time to start packing for your trip!

Likewise, once you have opened an account and decided what to invest in, you are ready to start investing and growing your retirement savings!

Investing with a Self-Directed Checkbook IRA is a simple process! You can invest by simply writing a check or sending a wire to the investment of your choice.

5. Reach Your Destination

Finally, you can travel to your destination! You can now enjoy the sights and relax, knowing that you are maximizing your time away thanks to your hard work planning beforehand.

Likewise, after all the research, planning, account creation, and investing you are ready to enjoy your retirement!

Are You New to Self-Directed Investing? We've got you covered.

One of our friendly and knowledgeable Self-Directed IRA Specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Today’s the day to start planning for the longest vacation of your life – retirement!

Disclaimer: Broad Financial LLC does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor before making investment decisions.


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