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July 5, 2023

IRA Trust Basics 

Key Points 

  • An IRA Trust is a type of Self-Directed Checkbook IRA.
  • Some of the benefits of an IRA Trust include checkbook control, avoiding transaction fees, and diversifying your retirement portfolio.
  • Broad Financial can get your IRA Trust set up in as little as one week.
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Back to the Basics: What is an IRA Trust? 

An IRA Trust is a type of Self-Directed Checkbook IRA that allows you to invest in alternative assets with the added benefit of checkbook control. You might be wondering, what is checkbook control?

Checkbook control allows you to invest directly in alternative assets without the need for a custodian for everyday transactions. With an IRA Trust, you are set up with an IRS-compliant trust, and a dedicated checking account, which together allow you to invest in the alternative asset of your choice in real-time.  

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What are the Benefits of an IRA Trust?

With an IRA Trust, you gain checkbook control of your retirement investing. You are in the driver’s seat with full control of your investment decisions! You can invest in real estate and other alternative assets by simply writing a check or sending a wire from your dedicated trust checking account. 

Fortunately, the benefits do not stop there. There are several economic advantages to opening an IRA Trust: 

  • Checkbook control eliminates transaction fees. 
  • Trusts are not registered by the state, so you avoid annual LLC fees. 
  • An IRA Trust is easier, quicker, and more economical to set up than an IRA LLC. 

A Confident Way to Invest 

There is more good news. There are generally no state reporting requirements when it comes to IRA Trusts. Not only that, but LLC Articles of Organization are not required, so there will be no public records associated with your IRA Trust. Generally, with an IRA Trust, you can invest in any of the fifty states without any additional filing requirements. 

Ready to Take the Leap? Trust in Us. 

An IRA Trust can be established in as little as one week. 

The first step to set up your IRA Trust is to complete Broad Financial’s easy online application. Simultaneously, you will also open a Self-Directed IRA with Madison Trust, which is our sister company. Madison Trust will serve as your Self-Directed IRA Custodian, and Broad Financial will upgrade you to the IRA Trust. 

Next, you will fund your account through a transfer or rollover, all or a portion of, an existing retirement account, such as your IRA or 401(k). You can also make an initial contribution. 

Then, Broad Financial will create a specialized, IRS-compliant trust for your IRA and will take care of the paperwork. Broad Financial uses Madison Trust’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) for setting up the trust, which ensures you will not need to file a tax return for your Trust. So far, so good, right? 

Once your specialized trust is created, you will open a checking account in the name of your trust at the bank of your choice and instruct Madison Trust to send your IRA funds directly to your trust checking account.  

Finally, you can start investing with the power of checkbook control by simply writing a check or sending a wire from your dedicated trust checking account.  

We understand you may have questions. Reach out for a free discovery call with a Broad Financial Specialist to get the answers. 

Disclaimer: Broad Financial LLC does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor before making investment decisions. 


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