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Speak with a Broad specialist:
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March 30, 2022

What kinds of investment control does a Self Directed IRA offer?

A Self Directed IRA offers investment control in three key areas:

  • Asset Choice
  • Transaction Pricing
  • Investment Timing

Let’s look at each area individually, and see how the Broad platform differs from some of the more commonly offered plans. 

Asset Choice

A standard IRA or 401(k) gives an incredibly limited choice of investment assets. Not only are you stuck in market based products, but even within those products you’re often limited to just a few. (For those who have worked for large companies and filled out a 401(k) application, you definitely know what I’m talking about. “Check three.” Right?) A Self Directed IRA gives you more choices by allowing you to invest in virtually anything. That could be a piece of land, a rental, your brother-in-law’s business, or even a creative endeavor. With this kind of platform, you’ll never be limited to just a few checkboxes. 

Transaction Pricing

This is where the Broad platform really stands out with its key feature of Checkbook Control. A standard retirement plan is filled with a boatload of fees, some obvious and some less so, which constantly nibble away at an investor’s retirement funds. In the self-directed arena, the standard Custodian model charges a different fee schedule, but one that is no less economically destructive. With Checkbook Control, however, the fee schedule is simplified to a low flat yearly maintenance charge that does not change based on account size, activity, or any other factors. In other words, investors are given the freedom to proactively manage their investments without having to worry that by doing so they will experience a significant hit in fees.

Investment Timing

As mentioned above, Broad incorporates Checkbook Control as one of its plan’s key features. In addition to saving investors money, Checkbook Control also allows them to time investments to their advantage without having to worry about delays or a lengthy processing time.  Purchases, sales, and all other transactions happen in real time just by signing a check. There’s no paperwork involved, and no dragged out approval process. This allows investors to jump on time sensitive deals, sell at the right time, and be confident in their ability to effect transactions. If you have other questions about investment control, or any other aspect of Broad’s self-directed retirement plans, then please call or fill out the form to the right. One of our friendly Specialists will quickly get you all the answers you need.


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