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Self-Directed IRA & Solo 401(k) Contribution Limits

Find out what the Solo 401(k) and Self-Directed IRA contribution limits are to maximize your investments. Then, contact a Broad Financial Specialist to open an account today.
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Bitcoin and Any Cryptocurrency in Your IRA or 401(k)

Bitcoin in Your IRA Since the crypto craze of 2017, our phones at Broad Financial have been ringing off the hook. People want to know: “Can I use my IRA or 401k to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?” And the answer is: “YES!” 15 Reasons Ours is ABSOLUTELY the Best Bitcoin IRA Low FLAT […]
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Basic Retirement Planning Resources

Everyone knows they should plan for retirement, and the sooner the better, but it’s difficult to know how and where to start. Who do you trust with your financial future? What investments are right for your unique situation? Then, whether you plan for decades or months, when retirement finally starts—what do you do? The right […]
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Self-Directed IRA Information and Resources

Self-directed IRAs can help you save for retirement with a variety of flexible investment options. These are great options for people who want a managed retirement portfolio, but have the knowledge to choose their own investments. Self-directed IRAs are powerful investment tools, but they’re not for everyone. Unfortunately, recent growth in their popularity has led […]
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Solo 401(k) Information and Resources

If you have some self-employment income, you should look into Solo 401(k) information to determine if this is a retirement platform you're interested in investing with to grow your savings.
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Types of Solo 401(k)s

A Solo 401(k)—also known as a self-directed 401(k), a self-employed 401(k), or an individual 401(k)—is an individual retirement account that allows the self-employed investor to enjoy the financial benefits of a 401(k), and to use his or her expertise to secure and grow a retirement account. Self-directed 401(k)s give self-employed individuals access to assets not […]
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Types of Self-Directed IRAs

With the ability to invest in assets beyond public stocks and bonds, a Self-Directed IRA lets you put your unique knowledge and experience to work for your retirement portfolio. Gain control of your account and diversify your investments with a much wider variety of venture options, while still having the support of a registered custodian. […]
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Can You Rollover A Current IRA into a Solo 401k?

Rolling an IRA into a 401(k): Is this possible? For some reason, this is one of those questions that has people confused even though the answer is fairly simple. In short, you can definitely rollover an IRA into a Self-Directed Solo 401(k). The reason for this is that the Solo 401(k) is an IRS approved […]
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