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Trading Accounts

Many clients at Broad open self-directed accounts in order to take their retirement further with real estate and other alternative assets. However, that doesn’t mean that standard investment products (like stocks and bonds) are no longer an option. Just the opposite in fact. Many popular stock trading platforms can be accessed with the LLC of […]
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Understanding Asset Protection Limitations Within Your Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k)

Do Personal Financial Problems Put My Retirement Fund Assets at Risk? When you take a look at the news in the last few years, you regularly come across terms like “economic meltdown”, “recession”, “financial crisis”, and a whole suite of other words that make the typical consumer cringe. Many of us can personally relate. Every […]
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Solo 401k Contribution Calculator

Source of income: Sole proprietor or single member LLC Corporation or LLC taxed as a corporation Age: 49 or younger 50 or older Contribution For Tax Year: 2024 2023 Income: Contribution Limit: This calculator is provided as a tool to help with calculating maximum contribution limits. Broad Financial does not guarantee its accuracy. We recommend […]
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IRS Rules and Regulations for Self-Directed IRAs

Understanding the rules for Self-Directed IRA investing is essential to ensure that you don't end up in hot water with the IRS. Schedule a call with a Broad Financial Specialist today to learn more.
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How To Manage Property Owned by Your IRA

When you own real estate through your IRA, you need to follow a strict set of legal rules regarding how you can interact with the property. Learn more about IRA property management from the IRA Specialists at Broad Financial.
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What is a Self-Directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA is an account that allows for alternative investments not available with standard retirement platforms, like brokerage accounts offered by Fidelity, Charles Schwab, or TD Ameritrade.
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How to Invest in Real Estate With an IRA

By using an IRA to invest in real estate, you can take advantage of a potentially booming market and bulk up your retirement nest egg. Learn about setting up a Self-Directed IRA for real estate investing and take the reins of your financial future!
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Solo 401(k) vs. Self-Directed IRA: What's the Difference, and Which Is Better?

Both a Solo 401(k) and a Self-Directed IRA can be great choices to help you gain control of your retirement planning, but which investment option is right for you? Compare the features and benefits of a Solo 401(k) vs. a Self-Directed IRA to determine which is the best fit for your unique circumstances.   Self Directed IRA Solo […]
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